Sunday, April 4, 2010

Suri: Brazilian Performance and Easter Day!!

Katie takes Suri catch a performance of DanceBrazil at NYC’s Joyce Theater on Easter Sunday (April 4). The mother-daughter duo went to City Bakery for dessert!

Earlier in the day, Suri accidentally flashed her purple underwear while being carried by Katie from their apartment into a waiting SUV.

Suri wearing a Heather Grey Dress from S/S Collection 2008 by SPLENDID LITTLE. (For now we only found the dress in black and gray, but we are trying to find the same dress, it is difficult, because it is 2008 but visit our blog for updates!!!)


  1. I don�t even think that Suri flashing her purple undies should even be seen

  2. Hi...thanks for you comment!!!
    and I think just like you
    but I just posting the information to inform people
    not for them to see Suri in her underwear
    Not the first time that Suri reveals her underwear
    just funny
    only that
    has no other intention

    You can visit my blog whenever
    and if in doubt
    please write me mail