Thursday, January 14, 2010

Actress of Mary Poppins show talks about the visit of the Cruise.

Ashley Brown originated the Broadway role of Mary Poppins and now stars in the North American tour of the show. She talked about the visit of the January 6 made Tom, Katie and our adorable Suri.

Interviewer: You have famous people (and their kids) watching you all of the time. Which celebrity encounter has been the most memorable to date and why?

AB: When Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes came with Suri. They were so generous with their time and so complimentary. They stayed and took pictures and answered questions and just couldn’t quit gushing about our show. Also, when we walked in the theater the next day, they had sent us 5 dozen of Crumbs cupcakes and a beautiful arrangement of red roses with a very nice note. They went over the top and I don’t think anyone in our cast will forget that moment.

What kind are the Cruise :)...Congratulation!!!

Source: Just Jared

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