Thursday, November 19, 2009

In Suri's wardrobe. (WALNUT)

Playful, fun and practical, WALNUT MELBOURNE captures the essential blend of fashion and function. It's the affordable choice for the modern parent who doesn't want to compromise on style. WALNUT shoes have subtle details, bold colours and great comfort and fit. Their designs are simple, clean and traditional with a modern edge.

Thanks to my friend Sophie at Walnut, we have the exclusives to deliver to you Suri's Walnut Melbourne's collection. Walnut Melbourne took advantage of our little fashionasta's desire to wear the latest and greatest in kids style, and delivered the following as gifts to Suri at the Crown Towers during her stay. So far we have seen all but the Chocolate desert boots, multi stripe & red polka dot ballet flats yet to be complimented with Suri's ensembles.
**All Summer styles are available for a limited time at WALNUT MELBOURNE's STORE ONLINE so get yours to own while quantities lasts - they're going fast, many od Suri's styles are on backorder as everyone wants a piece of Suri's collection for their little girl of course! Best of all - they ship internationally!

Happy Holiday shopping!!
Stay tuned next season for Suri's Spring/Summer 2010 offerings, we will have the exclusives and we will be supporting Walnut with suggestions of what styles to send little Suri next season to complete her en vogue niche.


  1. Hi Natalia,
    Thank you for your lovely comments about my blog and also for the links & leads on Leni Klum & Honor Warren. I am sorry I have not replied sooner, I have been unwell this past few weeks and am just slowly getting back onto updating my blog. Vania from Suri Cruise Italia had emailed me about your blog so I will add it to my favourites as I love what you are doing. Suri is certainly one of my favourites so I may refer and link back to you from time to time. Once again, thank you for your lovely words, I look forward to seeing more of what Suri is up to. Have a lovely day x x x

  2. Hi Marty:
    I am very grateful for your response. You can count on me for whatever you want. I have plenty of information about clothing worn by children of celebrities. As spend hours looking for clothes for Suri, I find the clothes of the other children.
    Hopefully you can send your mail to give the information there and be able to sent more.
    Thank you very much.