Sunday, November 15, 2009

Suri's a Freed of London Fan!

From the courtesy of Susy's magazine scans from our friend at SURI CRUISE ITALIA, we have confirmed that our earlier exclusive findings (October 11th) that Suri´s heels seem to be reported indeed by FREED OF LONDON´S CHILDREN´S FRANCESCA OPEN-TOE LATIN BALLROOM HEELS.

***We'd like to clarify with exclusive feedback from Freed USA - New York is the only customer that orders this style on a regular basis and no special orders have been done for this style. We are known that Suri is a US size 9/10 hence the sizing seems to be a mismatch as Freed does not produce smaller than a UK size 12. FREED believes they most possibly could be their shoes. however, the T-Bar and Strap has clearly been removed post production, by someone close to the child, obviously is not FREED Of London's responsibility. It is a shame that such publicity is bad for the show maker, and what a shame they didn’t just buy her the Marina style with a more sensible heel for the age – now that would have been fantastic publicity!

All we can assume is the Suri Cruise has large enough feet to fit the shoes, or has had them adapted with an insole to pad them out. We found a close-up shot of the shoes above and the picture shows taken from the front view, looks as though an insole had been used.

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