Monday, November 23, 2009

A Holmes & Yang collection interview with Maxfield's L.A.

Some of you have been asking about the debut of Katie Holmes and Jeanne Yang’s clothing line, Holmes & Yang, at Maxfield in Los Angeles so we deliver to you now the exclusive interview with the store manager.
In November 2007, the Cruise's were in Germany. They took a getaway stop into Milan nearby to attend a private party in the Giorgio Armani store. This was initially where this Holmes & Yang's 'one of a kind' navy embroidered ivory birds silk dress emerged.

Today from our telephone interview coverage with Maxfield's today we are told the fabric of the dress is vintage fabric hence there is only a few produced, in fact including the one Suri owns there is 2 of each size and sizes are 4 & 6 yrs only. So this will be the 'trademark' dress of Suri's. The dress retails for a whopping $920.00 USD!!
I can only justify that the bulk value is in the design, craftsmanship and rarity of the fabric. I guess you cannot treat it simply as a little girl's dress.

For the a striking conversation piece on your little girl - this piece indeed will be the talk of the town as Suri prances along Soho in New York City flaunting it off with her newly purchased fairy boots.....dressing down the $920 dress a bit I think!

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