Monday, October 26, 2009

Suri's ready for Halloween!!

Apparently our little Suri already has her costume ready for Halloween. Obviously the theme would be inspired by the Disney Princesses. Suri loves Princesses so at this time of the year more than ever chosing to dress as Cinderella is more than fitting. Except she traded Cinderella's glass shoes for gold ones!

Suri's wearing a Cinderella Princess Costume, a beautifully detailed blue and white dress, white glovelettes and tiara available at Zoogster Costumes.

The Halloween store in Boston, Massachusetts,where Katie Holmes went shopping with her daughter.

In the evening, Katie and Suri went to buy fabric. Maybe Katie is inspired by Suri's choices of fabrics? Katie has recently launched her clothing line "Holmes and Yang" at Maxwell's in L.A. What a better shopping partner than her little Princesses Suri?!!

Source: Just Jared and Gossip Center.

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