Monday, October 12, 2009

Suri and mom in training.

Today, with Katie Suri was running in a training track in Boston. Be that the usual practice of Tom and Katie, Suri sum now?

Good, it´s great to see this adorable little girl running and training with their daddies, and it is a example, in a country with an index of most high obesity as US, Suri´s healthy living is an example. Good for Suri!!!

Suri wore a beautiful Kids Cotton Spandex Jersey Legging
a Kids Tri-Blend Tank by American Apparel brand.
a Nike Air Force I Leather Girls' shoe in White/Metallic Silver Blue.
She also wore sneakers and Dri-FIT Half -Cushioned Youth Cotton Anklets of the Nike brand.
Suri wore her hair in two buns fastened taken Spotty Bobble on Elastic by Seed.
Photos: Faded Youth Blog.

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